New Member Paula Saves $2,800

New Member Paula

Paula Walker, NASA FCU Member

Paula Walker decided to open an account with NASA FCU after listening to a presentation by a Credit Union representative at her office.

She quickly became impressed, opening not only a savings account, but a credit card as well.

She then received notices in the mail at home about saving on both homeowner’s and auto insurance and put new coverage in place for both.

Then, she and her husband began the process of refinancing their mortgage with NASA FCU and are thrilled at the excellent rate and terms they received.

When asked why all the movement to NASA FCU, Paula responds enthusiastically,

First of all, switching to the Credit Union has resulted in a $2,800 annual savings!

She continues,

And the service I received was as important as the savings. I feel the Credit Union representatives are working for me—instead of their own interests. I’m so glad I’m now part of NASA FCU.