Joan Saves $300 a Month on her Auto Loan

Auto Loan

For Credit Union member, Joan Ntoko, saving money on her existing auto loan this past July was a main priority. She had no idea just how much she could save, however, until she contacted NASA FCU regarding the Beat Your Rate Auto Loan Promotion.

I was hoping to lower my car payments by $50, maybe $100, a month,” stated Ms. Ntoko. “Then I called NASA FCU. Frankly, I was blown away by the rate they gave me. And, of course, now I’m very thankful to them for helping me save so much.

By refinancing her auto loan and extending her loan term with NASA FCU, Ms. Ntoko was able to lower her monthly payments by nearly $300 per month— or over $3,500 per year. Now that’s a real member enjoying real savings!


Payment Example: A $20,000 auto loan financed with NASA FCU at 2.49% APR for 63 months will have a monthly payment of $338.99

The Hollands Save $6,800 Annually

For members Mr. and Mrs. Holland, it all started with an RV loan this past May. Over the course of the transaction, however, the relationship grew to be much more.

Beat Your Rate auto loan refinance

Refinancing their auto loan and switching to NASA FCU saved the Hollands $6,800 per year.

We just can’t believe the savings. If I’d known the kind of price differential that exists between NASA FCU and other banks, I’d have switched my business to the Credit Union years ago. Thank you, NASA FCU, for helping us save so much.

While discussing their finances, the Hollands learned they could benefit from NASA FCU’s Premier eChecking with direct deposit and all the great features it provides. Then, they learned they could take advantage of lower car payments for two of their existing auto loans through NASA FCU’s “Beat Your Rate” loan program. When all was said and done, the Hollands were able to save more than $6,800 per year by working with NASA FCU.

Your Family can become NASA FCU Members

As a member of NASA FCU your family members are eligible to join through you.

Your Family can become NASA FCU Members

Four Generations of NASA FCU Members pictured above from left to right: Margie Rossi Reedy, Hannah Reedy, Tony Rossi, Sarah Reedy and Katie Reedy.

As a member, you can benefit from a low-rate auto loan or finance your home through us. Or maybe you can take advantage of a share certificate. Or attend one of our financial workshops. Now is a great time to share these membership benefits with your immediate family. The spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent or grandchild of an existing member is eligible to open a NASA FCU account too.

NASA FCU members save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars annually through our competitive auto, home equity, personal and other loan programs. Members save even more with our Premier Checking Accounts with EarlyAccessTM Payroll and NSF FreePassTM. They also save valuable time by accessing their accounts through more than 4,000 convenient branch locations, 30,000 free ATMs nationwide. Market-leading 24/7 services such as eBranch, Contact-24 Telephone Banking, Mobile Banking, Remote Deposit, and BillPay+.
Your family members can open their accounts in any branch or online.

New Member Paula Saves $2,800

New Member Paula

Paula Walker, NASA FCU Member

Paula Walker decided to open an account with NASA FCU after listening to a presentation by a Credit Union representative at her office.

She quickly became impressed, opening not only a savings account, but a credit card as well.

She then received notices in the mail at home about saving on both homeowner’s and auto insurance and put new coverage in place for both.

Then, she and her husband began the process of refinancing their mortgage with NASA FCU and are thrilled at the excellent rate and terms they received.

When asked why all the movement to NASA FCU, Paula responds enthusiastically,

First of all, switching to the Credit Union has resulted in a $2,800 annual savings!

She continues,

And the service I received was as important as the savings. I feel the Credit Union representatives are working for me—instead of their own interests. I’m so glad I’m now part of NASA FCU.