10 Car Maintenance Tips That Will Save You Money

1.  Avoid paying for high octane gas as the benefit doesn’t justify the cost.

2.  Inflate your tires to the level listed in your car’s owner’s manual, not the maximum listed on the tires. This will help you achieve better mileage and less wear.

3.  Have your fluid levels checked before every long drive.

4.  Thoroughly research online reviews of local mechanics to find the best.

5.  Get your tires rotated at least twice a year to make them last much longer.

6.  Install a vehicle service app for your mobile device to help you remember when to perform your maintenance.

7.  Avoid the rapid acceleration and abrupt braking of “jackrabbit” driving.

8.  Make sure your spare tire is present and in working shape to remove the need for a tow in the case of a flat tire.

9.  Consult with your trusted mechanic and your owner’s manual about the appropriate mileage benchmarks for oil change. You may not need to do it every 3,000 miles. However, make sure it doesn’t void your warranty.

10. Perform the easy task of changing your own air filter instead of paying a mechanic to do it.