JSC Shred Event Results

Shred Retouched

Our Shred Event at the Johnson Space Center helped save 60 Trees

In an effort to help save Johnson Space Center employees from potential identity fraud, NASA Federal Credit Union sponsored the JSC Shred Event on April 3, 2014. The event enjoyed a great turnout, lots of enthusiasm, and tremendous results, with over 3.5 tons of paper collected for shredding in less than 3 hours. But that’s not all!

Aside from significantly cutting down on potential identity fraud,  the shred event also helped preserve the environment. See for yourself:

Environmental Savings

Financial Value

60 Trees Saved


24,500 Gallons of Water Saved


14,350 KW of Energy Saved


201 Pounds of Pollutants Kept from Atmosphere


18 Cubic Yards of Landfill Saved




NASA Federal was thrilled to help Johnson Space Center employees avoid potential identity fraud – all while helping the environment.