Important Information Regarding Target Stores Data Compromise

NASA FCU member account security is our highest priority. We are monitoring account activity and will continue to do so for those who made credit or debit card transactions at a Target store during the timeframe of the reported data breach.

If you discover any suspicious or unusual activity on your accounts, or suspect fraud, be sure to report it immediately by contacting us at 1-888-NASA-FCU.


As we continue to monitor the recent Target compromise, we have learned of recent phishing emails related to the Target breach. The emails look like they are from Target and play on consumer fears that they may have had their card compromised. Proceed with caution if you receive an email from Target. You should NOT OPEN any links that may be included in these emails as that could potentially allow additional access to your personal information. Target plans to post any and all emails to their breach-related site so its customers will know the difference between valid emails and phishing emails.

AnchorHere are some answers to frequently asked questions:

How do I know if the Target data breach impacts me?
If you shopped at a United States Target store between November 27 and December 15, you should check your account for any suspicious or unusual activity. If you see something that appears fraudulent on your NASA FCU credit or debit card then please contact NASA FCU immediately at 1-888-NASA-FCU (627-2328).

Has the issue been resolved?
Target has announced that they identified and resolved the issue of unauthorized access to payment card data. It has been reported that the issue occurred between November 27 and December 15 and United States Target store customers should continue to monitor their accounts. Although the data breach timeframe is over, there still may account fraud relating to the unauthorized data access.

How can I be assured steps are being taken to protect my information in the future?
Target has assured card issuers like NASA FCU that they continue to invest in their security practices to protect customer information, including the retention of a leading third party forensics firm to conduct a thorough investigation of this incident. We recommend you regularly monitor your accounts through online and mobile banking, and notify us immediately if you discover fraudulent activity.

Should I block my card at this time and get a new one?
If you want to leave the card open and continue to monitor your statements you may do so. If you wish to block your credit or debit card and have a new card reissued we can help you do that as well.  Debit cards can be reissued instantly at one of the following branch locations: Annapolis, Bowie, Collington, Columbia, Falls Church, Greenbelt, Headquarters, Oak Hall and Rockville.

Were social security numbers included in the breach?
Your social security number is in no way related to your debit/credit card therefore, it was not included in the breached data.