College Planning Webinar Sept. 17

Sending Your Student To College For Pennies On the Dollar

Tuesday, September 17 from 7:00-7:30pm EDT

Blue graduation cap hiDo you have a college-bound high school junior or senior? Do you realize that college costs aren’t going down…only up?

If you’re motivated to pay the least amount of money possible to ANY college, now is the perfect time to give yourself and your student a way to make that possible.

Join us for the 30-minute educational webinar on Tuesday, September 17 from 7:00-7:30pm EDT. From the comfort of your home, you’ll learn:

  • How To Get Big Discounts From High Priced Colleges
  • Why Expensive Private Schools Can Cost the Same Or Less Than State Universities
  • The 10 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make That Cost Them Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Lost Financial Aid and Tuition Discounts

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Armed with the insider secrets and strategies that you’ll learn from a leading national college admissions and financial aid expert you’ll be empowered to make more better informed choices and you’ll likely save thousands of dollars on your out-of-pocket college costs.

NASA FCU wants to help you send your child to the RIGHT college for the RIGHT reasons at the RIGHT price!

Feel free to invite your friends with college-bound high school students to attend the webinar as well. They’ll be grateful you invited them!