NASA FCU Student Loans Featured on NerdWallet


NerdWallet recently posted an article titled “Credit Unions Fill the Gap in College Funding with Private Student Loans” in which it features NASA FCU’s Credit Union Student Choice program. The article discusses how Private Student Loans from Credit Unions can help students fund the gap between Federal student loans and the cost of college attendance.

The NASA FCU Student Choice Loan Program is a smart alternative to such private student loan programs. It offers:

  • Deferred payment while in school
  • Flexible repayment options
  • No origination fees
  • Competitive interest rates

Speak with a Student Loan Specialist at 1-800-322-8816 to apply by phone, or apply online.

FBI: Cyber Criminals Using Photo-Sharing Programs

Cyber CriminalsWASHINGTON (6/13/13)–The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has seen an increase in cyber criminals who use online photo-sharing programs to perpetrate scams and harm victims’ computers.

As an example, the bureau cited scammers who advertise vehicles online but will not provide photos in the advertisement. The ad promises to send photos on request, but often the photo is a single file sent as an e-mail attachment, and sometimes the victim receives a link to an online photo gallery.

The photos often contain malicious software that infects the victim’s computer, directing the recipient to fake websites that look nearly identical to the real site where the original advertisement appeared. The cyber criminals run all aspects of these fake websites, including “tech support” or “live chat support,” and any “recommended” escrow services. After the victim agrees to purchase the item and makes the payment, the criminals stop responding to correspondence. The victims never receive any merchandise.

The FBI urges consumers to protect themselves when shopping online. The agency offered a list of safety tips:

  • Users should be cautious if they lose an auction and the seller makes contact later, claiming the original bidder fell through.
  • Make sure websites are secure and authenticated before purchasing an item online. Use only well-known escrow services.
  • Research to determine if a car dealership is real and how long it has been in business.
  • Be wary if the price for the item is severely undervalued; if it is, the item is likely fraudulent.
  • Scan files before downloading them.
  • Keep computer software, including the operating system, updated with the latest patches.
  • Ensure anti-virus software and firewalls are current; they can help prevent malware infections.

Beware of Work-at-Home Scams

Beware Work-at-Home Scam

Summer’s a great time to make some extra cash. And if a work-at-home offer’s caught your eye, here are a few tips to help you protect yourself:

  • Know who you’re dealing with. Do your research before taking any job offer made over the Internet, including contacting the company by phone and asking if the job offer is valid.
  • Don’t believe that you can earn big money easily. Scammers are very sophisticated at creating jobs that sound too good to be true. Remember, the majority of them are.
  • Get all the details before you pay. The offer may require you to spend your own money to fulfill the terms of the job assignment. Legitimate businesses will tell you in writing upfront exactly what is involved.
  • Be aware of legalities that you are exposed to. To do some types of work, such as medical billing, you may need a license or certificate. Check with your State Attorney General’s office to find out if this applies to you.
  • Don’t allow remote access to your PC. Some scammers will offer to download software to your PC or require access to your online banking to set-up “authorized payments.” Don’t be fooled. You could unwittingly be allowing the scammers to download malware onto your PC or steal money from your bank account.
  • Watch your money. You could be asked to pay a fee upfront or deposit payments for the “business” into your personal account and then move the money on to either them or another third party via Western Union. These are huge red flags that something is wrong about this job offer.


Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit

For All Your Borrowing Needs

A Winning Summer Combination—Like SPF 30 and a good pair of flip flops, summer home improvements and home equity go hand-in-hand. The warm weather is ideal for sprucing up the house. And NASA FCU’s Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit are ideal for making it all possible—at market-leading rates, no points, closing costs1 or fees, and with some of the best service around.


A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is best for ongoing borrowing needs because the line of credit is there when you need it. Access funds during the draw period by writing a check, accessing online banking, or visiting a branch location. You’ll enjoy an initial fixed rate of 1.99% APR2 for a period of six billing cycles before the rate becomes variable. The variable APR is currently as low as 4.00%.


A Home Equity Loan is ideal for one-time borrowing needs and offers predictable fixed payments for loan terms between five to 20 years. You’ll enjoy fixed rates as low as 3.74% APR3 and a one-time payout that you can use for debt consolidation, a major home renovation or a large one-time purchase.

No matter which home equity option you choose, you’ll enjoy a simple application process and some of the best service around. But, like summer, these rates won’t be around forever—so apply today. Stop by any branch, call 1-888-NASA FCU, ext. 802 or visit


1 NASA Federal will pay closing costs on new Home Equity applications (Fixed Equity Loans/Lines of Credit). Loans paid off and closed in less than 2 years from the loan origination date will require reimbursement of all closing costs paid by NASA Federal. For loan amounts of $100,000, closing costs typically range between $1,200 and $2,100. Closing costs can vary based on the location of the property and the amount of the Loan. Available on primary residence only. Equity Loans are subject to credit approval and APRs are based on credit worthiness and LTV. Maximum LTV is 95%. Other conditions and restrictions apply, call for details.
2 HELOC: Introductory rates available on new Equity Loans. Upon expiration of the introductory rate, all balances will accrue interest at the effective variable APR. The APR is based on the prime rate as disclosed in the Wall Street Journal plus or minus a margin based on credit history and loan-to-value (LTV). The plan has a minimum APR of 4.00% and a maximum APR of 18% regardless of the Prime Rate. Initial draw period is 5 years with a maximum draw period of 10 years. Rates are as of May 29, 2013 and subject to change.
3 Home Equity Loan: A sample Fixed Equity Loan payment based on $100,000 at 6.12% APR for 20 years is $723.75.

Limited Time Offer

house lights retouched hi

0 Down—No PMI 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage*

Summer is Prime Buying & Refinance Season

And whether you’re looking to purchase a new home or refinance an existing one this summer, you won’t have to look any further than NASA FCU for a great deal on a mortgage.

Choose from mortgages with competitive rates and up to 100% financing* for new home purchases or up to 95% for refinancing current mortgages. Plus, you’ll save hundreds—even thousands—of dollars with no Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) required!

A NASA FCU Mortgage Loan Specialist will help take the stress out of getting your home loan and assist you in choosing the mortgage that best suits your needs and budget. Stop by any Mortgage Kiosk or branch, call 1-888-NASA-FCU (627-2328), ext. 207, or visit today.

Save Big On Realtor Costs With CU Realty Services

CU Realty Services, NASA FCU’s free, comprehensive real estate and rebate program, allows you to shop for your next home, learn the value of your current home, and save thousands when you buy or sell a home.

Get unrestricted access to tips, tools and data you need plus you’ll get a rebate**—up to 20% of your agent’s commission—when you buy or sell using a CU Realty Services Approved Agent. Visit for more details.

Home Sale Price Rebate to Member**
$200,000 $1,200
$400,000 $2,400
$600,000 $3,600


equal-housing-lender*Special loan programs offered to well-qualified applicants. Some restrictions may apply. Offers valid for primary residence purchases in MD, VA, DC only. Speak with a NASA FCU First Mortgage Loan Specialist for loan details and rates. We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. Payment Example: A $250,000 mortgage financed with NASA FCU at 3.625% APR for 30 years will have a monthly payment of $1,140.13. Payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums, if applicable, actual payment obligation will be greater.

**You must register with CU Realty Services and use an approved agent in order to receive a rebate.

Real Estate Fears That Keep You From Buying

asian family homeIf you’re one of those people who are hesitant to buy a home, take heart. There are simple steps you can take to become confident in your purchase.

#1 Loss in Property Value

Even savvy home buyers can’t always predict what will happen to home prices. But you can take precautions, like contacting the city government to ask about future development plans in the area in which you want to buy.

#2 Maintenance Costs

Home maintenance costs are unavoidable. However, there are things you can do to mitigate and prepare for them. Buy a brand new home or one that has been well-maintained, and then regularly keep up with small problems to prevent them from becoming major repairs. Also, avoid buying a money pit by having a home inspection conducted before you buy.

#3 Being Unable To Afford Your Mortgage Payment

Many people wonder how they will afford their mortgages if they lose their jobs. To deal with potential job loss, experts recommend establishing emergency funds consisting of three to six months of mortgage payments, as well as the expenses associated with home ownership, like water and electric bills.

#4 Tricky Mortgages

If you feel unprepared to manage a mortgage, there’s a simple remedy to this problem. Start educating yourself about how mortgages work through the numerous books, articles and classes available on the subject. Then, if you’re still uncertain, speak with a knowledgeable NASA FCU Mortgage Loan Specialist. He or she will be happy to answer any questions you may have, while acting as your trusted advisor every step of the way.

To arrange for an appointment, stop by any Mortgage Kiosk or branch, call 1-888-NASA-FCU (627-2328), ext.207, or visit make an appointment online today.