ISDC 2013 Global Collaboration in 21st Century Space

Our partner organization the National Space Society (NSS) is hosting the ISDC 2013 Global Collaboration in 21st Century Space. Here is a detailed overview of the conference:

The 32nd International Space Development Conference (ISDC), will be held at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine in San Diego, California, May 23-27, 2013. ISDC speakers will discuss breakthroughs happening in space development and will showcase the latest in space applications, promote new ideas, and prove fertile ground for collaboration and innovation. This is the century we break free of the gravity that has limited our ability to colonize space. Join us at the ISDC to learn how to collaborate effectively in a global, soon to be multi-planetary community. ISDC 2013 promises to be the place where 21st century skills are developed for 21st century space.

ISDC 2013 will have talks on Asteroids, Business, Education, Emerging Space Applications, Living in Space, Lunar, Mars, Space Solar Power, Space Settlement, Transhumanism, Space Exploration, and more. Release of the Roadmap to Space Settlement will also be featured. These tracks are will incorporate the latest information. Plenary and meal sessions will offer opportunities to hear from the giants in space science and industry.

A gathering of stars of the space community will highlight ISDC 2013. Dr. Bob Richards, Co-Founder and CEO, Moon Express, Inc. will be our Thursday Lunch Keynote Speaker. Dr. Robert B. Kerr, Director of Arecibo Observatory will be our Monday Lunch Keynote Speaker. Bas Lansdorp, Co-Founder & CEO of Mars One will be our Opening Keynote Speaker. Astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison, U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, and Ian O’Neil of Discover News are confirmed. Dr. Kalam, former President of India will be our Gala Keynote Speaker and Recipient of the prestigious NSS von Braun Award. Apollo 11 Astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin will be our Saturday Lunch Speaker and the last space shuttle commander Capt. Christopher Ferguson will keynote at the Sunday Luncheon. At ISDC, you can meet these space stars and more, see old friends and meet new ones, and much more that you just cannot elsewhere.

You can find more information about ISDC 2013 here.