Joan Saves $300 a Month on her Auto Loan

Auto Loan

For Credit Union member, Joan Ntoko, saving money on her existing auto loan this past July was a main priority. She had no idea just how much she could save, however, until she contacted NASA FCU regarding the Beat Your Rate Auto Loan Promotion.

I was hoping to lower my car payments by $50, maybe $100, a month,” stated Ms. Ntoko. “Then I called NASA FCU. Frankly, I was blown away by the rate they gave me. And, of course, now I’m very thankful to them for helping me save so much.

By refinancing her auto loan and extending her loan term with NASA FCU, Ms. Ntoko was able to lower her monthly payments by nearly $300 per month— or over $3,500 per year. Now that’s a real member enjoying real savings!


Payment Example: A $20,000 auto loan financed with NASA FCU at 2.49% APR for 63 months will have a monthly payment of $338.99