Avoid Home Improvement Scams

It’s home improvement time again.

And someone with a pickup truck and a smile knocks on your door, mentions something on your home improvement to-do list, and offers to do it at a cost that seems almost too good to be true.

Steps to Avoid Home Improvement Scams

Before Hiring a Contractor:

  1. Verify the contractor has liability insurance.  If the contractor or his employees cause damage to your property, this ensures that he can make good on any damages.
  2. Require a license number.  If a worker gets injured on the job, and worker compensation insurance isn’t in place, that worker could sue both the employer and you, the property owner, for damages.
  3. Check References.  Reputable contractors with a good track record will have references from prior jobs.

Following these three steps will help you to avoid home improvement scams. Using licensed contractors and checking references is a smart move, and it protects you against unwanted liability when things don’t go as planned.